Treating pimples is one thing you will have to do every now and then. And the best way to treat pimples is to opt for spot treatment(treating the pimple area). One thing you can do constantly is to wash your face at regular intervals. It is highly recommended to drink lots of water to avoid getting pimples frequently. We take you through some home remedies for your pimples. Remember to apply only on the area affected for visible results.

Apple cider vinegar

On a cotton swab take a little apple cider vinegar and swab it on the pimple area. Apply this on your pimple once or twice a day. Do not rinse it off after applying, let it remain. Do not apply it on the whole of the face. You’ll see your pimple vanishes in a day or two.

Tomato juice

Cut a tomato and dab the cut piece on the pimple area. Make sure the juice is properly massaged onto the pimple. Wash your face after a few minutes. You will find the redness vanishes. Applying tomato juice on the whole of the face acts as a bleach two. For treating your pimples(spot) do this twice daily.

Lemon juice

Yes, known to all, as the best of all. A little lemon juice on the pimple area vanishes the pimple in two days. Applying lemon juice all over the face before sleep once in three days prevents pimples too and lightens the skin the lemon juice remains for as long as half an hour for faster results.

Mixture(neem leaves and turmeric)

Make a paste of neem leaves and turmeric, and apply this on the pimple spot, leave it for half an hour. You will see the pimple vanish. This also helps remove the black spot once the pimple is gone. Do this once a day, Mixture(oatmeal and honey) Paste of oatmeal and honey cures and prevents pimples. Applying it every day also acts as a natural cleanser. So can be used as a face pack or a spot treatment for pimples.

Garlic juice

Now, not exactly the juice. All you need to do is crush the garlic a bit and then apply the crushed one over your pimple. Hold it over the pimple for less than a minute. This is a quick treatment for pimples.

Mixture(mustard powder and honey)

Mustard is known to have salicylic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin C, all of which are good for the skin. Make a paste of mustard powder and honey and use it to treat your pimples. Works wonders!!

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