Consistent Time Storage Of Food Products

The consistent time storage of food products in the refrigerator is as follows:

  • Raw meat chunk 2 days;
  • Semi-finished meat: without breading 1.5 days (Steak etc.)
  • Breaded products 1 day.
  • Goulash, beef stroganoff, etc. 18 hours
  • Minced meat and its products 6 hours
  • Finished products (burgers, fries) 1 day.
  • Jellied meat for 12 hours
  • Empanadas 6h
  • Sausages 3 days.
  • Boiled meat for 2 days.
  • Hen 2 days.
  • Fish (semi-finished) 1.5 days.
  • Fried fish for 2 days.

Fruits before placing in the refrigerator are prescribed to be washed and dried, then put in a specially nominated place for lasting freshness. Apples, pre-cooled, stored in tied bags. But before placing it wash it all and wipe them, which defends against the damage of bacteria.

Vegetables and greens before insertion in the fridge must be rinsed or scattered with water. Unnecessary parts, such as the tops of root crops, must be detached; after washing they must be carefully set aside. After this training vegetables are recommended to lay in a suitable form for the dishes and replace the lid. Vegetables can be preserved in artificial bags or wrapped in parchment paper. Arrange vegetables in such a way as to retain their full freshness for several days. Green onions should be stored squalid. However, to protect surrounded for a few days it must be lightly stippled with water, put in polyethylene stuff, and kept in the refrigerator (same as lettuce, spinach, conductive spruce, and dill).

To keep extensively young cucumber, squash, tomato, and eggplant, they can be located in plastic bags and kept, uncovered on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Radishes need to be hoarded in the refrigerator; there they remain for 2-3 days, and soaking wilted roots become inadequate. Vegetables in the refrigerator will stay fresh for an extended time, you can also place a dry sponge that will attract moisture, and for the bottom of the container arrange a paper for the coverage for lasting freshness.

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