Sesame Oil

Massage – with sesame oil is a significant and successful method in getting clearance of toxins; recovering the general state and preventing various diseases, for the entire body. When you put sesame oil on the whole body, it is rubbed, leave for 40 minutes then you need to take a shower with soap or shower gel. This massage should be done 1 day in a week. This procedure is very useful for people with skin problems in the cold season. Sesame oil is the primary element of air and banishes mucus status of the body.

ENT disease

When you are suffering from pain in your ears drip 2 drops of warm sesame oil; dig it at night. It has healing features for the avoidance of infections at some stage in the cold season. Sesame oil instigates the method of lubrication for nasal mucosa disorders related to the flu; for the curative actions sesame oil should be rubbed into the feet, hands, and chest.

Hemorrhoids and unceasing constipation

During these certain conditions, sesame oil is better for such sensitive issues. However, hemorrhoids must be undertaken, which is characterized by loss of appetite, pain in the pelvis, back pain, and dry piles. Externally – blurring out the colon with sesame oil at night. It should be done before bedtime with the massage of warm sesame oil.

Strengthening of nails – experts recommend this remedy for those who are visually impaired as follows: at night, lubricate the nails of big toes with sesame oil.

The renovation of the body

Take 1 teaspoon of sesame oil when you wake up. There is a general rejuvenation of the body, and even stronger teeth and nails, it also improves digestion. It is particularly recommended for the people of Vata type. This is not a complete list of sesame oil benefits; it has proven to be purely effective for human health.

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