Ginger Oil

Ginger oil smoothes damaged scales, making hair smooth and shiny. For the age of facial skin: it is advocated to add 1-2 drops in a face cream for one application. For oily skin of the face and body: ginger cleanses very well, eradicates provocative responses to the areas of skin impurity, and diminishes pores. It has a beautiful lifting effect and extensive contraction contours. In combating adjacent to cellulite:

It enthusiastically burns body fat and it is used in massage blends for body care and abolishes the trouble of cellulite.

For men:

Ginger heals the prostate and enhances sexual action and strength.

For women:

Body massage with ginger oil helps to reveal sensuality and promotes active weight loss and the formation of a beautiful body. It is successfully used to treat a variety of psycho-emotional anarchy: fear, self-doubt, memory impairment, apathy, and aggression.

It can also be used during epidemics of influenza:

severe respiratory disease, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and pharyngitis. For the treatment of nervous functions and stress: ginger sharpens perception, and enhances memory, it is recommended for fatigue and self-doubt. Excites the body and normalizes metabolism. In perfumery, ginger oil is used for mixing with the oil compositions of oriental perfumes and spices to give an exotic flavor. Ginger oil is effective for people with poor circulation.

You can prepare it at home for massage oil:

squeeze the juice of ginger root and combine it in a bottle with a similar amount of sesame oil. If a dose of ginger oil is not observed unfavorable reactions may occur from queasiness and nausea to nuisances and wooziness.

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