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Do you have every intention to exercise today? Did you wake up thinking today will be the day to start your new life, yet, still find yourself going to bed disappointed in yourself? You are not alone! For many, it can seem impossible to find time to exercise.

But wait, isn’t it time to stop making excuses and examine what so-called priorities are sabotaging your good intentions? Starting an exercise program doesn’t have to feel like moving a mountain.

The vast majority of individuals who don’t regularly exercise say lack of time is the top reason that working out doesn’t make their shortlist. Yet, typically the problem is not a lack of time but a conscious choice to make fitness a low priority. According to the 2006 American Time Use Survey, on average adults spend a whopping 2.6 hours per DAY watching television.

So. Americans don’t have time to exercise but somehow find time to park themselves in front of the television for nearly three hours a day. There’s only one conclusion – it’s not a matter of having enough time in your day but the desire to place fitness as a top priority on your daily to-do list.

What other items are high on your priority list that may need to be re-evaluated? If exercise is not making your shortlist, then it’s time, to be honest with yourself – are there really that many activities that should be considered more important than one that improves your health?

Exercise is so beneficial to one’s health and so instrumental in helping decrease many disease risk factors, that it is hard to believe that anyone would make time in their day for television watching but not for workout time.

Some of the top benefits of regular exercise include:

If you struggle to fit exercise into your weekly routine, take a few minutes to write down what occupies every single hour of your day. Then review this above exercise benefit list. Hopefully, it will help you find ways to de-prioritize some items to fit in even just 20 minutes per day of physical activity.

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