One of the most famous historical clusters in Europe is the ancient Polish castle Wawel. This is a favorite destination of many tourists when they have the opportunity to visit beautiful and ancient Poland.

About the ancient Polish castle Wawel

Wawel is the residence of the kings of Krakow city Poland. This place is considered a symbol of the power of kings at that time and to this day, this ancient castle has become the most prestigious art museum in Poland. From the 14th century to the 18th century the kings of Poland all lived in the ancient castle of Wawel. The reason this place is called Wawel is that this oldest castle is located on a hill called Wawel. The entire architecture of this castle is designed in a romantic style and bold beauty. the architecture of the renaissance. Therefore, when visiting this ancient Polish castle, you will admire a lot of new and interesting things.

Discover the beauty of art at the ancient castle of Wawel

The first thing that makes you feel impressed when you come to Wawel to visit is the splendid royal jewelry set on display here. These are all precious jewels that when admired, you will see how sophisticated and beautiful it is. Because there is hardly any place that owns such a large and precious jewelry collection as Wawel.

This Polish destination has up to 10 different art items for you to experience. You can see art from Italy during the renaissance or discover unique works made from paper. In addition, there are many famous sculptures here, with lots of fabrics and an impressive and unique wall carpets collection. In addition, armor, ceramics, or gold-made objects are very valuable art items that you cannot ignore when visiting the ancient Polish castle of Wawel.

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