Sea World

What does it feel like to have a stingray swim over your hand and suck a fish from between your fingers?

Can you tell the difference between a real dragon and a loose piece of floating seaweed?

If you hear folks screaming and laughing somewhere behind the trees, are you going to go find out what it’s all about?

Here’s how you find out: add SeaWorld Orlando to your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure, where entertainment awaits that your whole family can enjoy.

What does SeaWorld offer on an Orlando Flexticket adventure?

You travel along walkways abundantly shaded with tropical foliage and smell the salty aromas of the sea. Before you actually see anything, you’ll hear bird songs barely drowning out the sounds of splashing water and screaming guests.

You turn a corner and you’ll find a pond filled with manatees, or a seaport filled with shops and restaurants, or come face-to-face with one of Orlando’s finest roller coasters.

But you’ve only scratched the surface of everything offered to you here – follow the link for a complete list of rides and shows you’ll find at SeaWorld Orlando.

You can’t really claim to have gone to SeaWorld unless you’ve seen the park’s iconic Shamu family.

Unless you’ve seen one before, you really have no idea how big killer whales get, or what they’re capable of… But you can now – schedule the Shamu show, One Ocean into your itinerary.

It’s a “given” that you’re going to see Shamu, but the sea lions and harbor seals want to be fed, so they’ll be looking for you too.

Visit Pacific Point Preserve and grab a tray of fish – but watch out for the birds because they are lightning-fast fish thieves.

You’re not just watching Shamu on this Flex ticket tour
Those people who you heard screaming aren’t doing that just because they’re staring at fish tanks.

Some of those screams were evoked by Manta, one of Orlando’s biggest, most unique, and thrilling roller coasters.

Other screams were coming from the depths of SeaWorld, where a green beast named The Kraken was terrorizing guests who were bold enough to challenge it.

For the non-believers – yes, the mythical underwater city does exist, but those who take the Journey to Atlantis seem to end up screaming as they exit there.

Experience all of SeaWorld on your Orlando Flex Ticket Adventure

One Ocean will astound you, and the great part is that you’ll find other shows featuring animals that you’ll find equally entertaining.

We highly recommend Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island which is probably the funniest show there, and Pets Ahoy promises to be a favorite too.

But if you just want to see animals, you have access to several exhibits that are homes to manatees, penguins, stingrays, and even sharks.

For a complete list of animal exhibits please click the link for the Orlando Flex Ticket tour: SeaWorld Animal Encounters.

Get really close up on your Orlando Flex ticket tour
For completely unique experiences, you can actually touch and feed some of the marine wildlife, and this is something we highly recommend.

You can go to Stingray Lagoon and pet and feed live stingrays – go to the link to watch a video on how you feed the stingrays properly.

Another interaction that tends to be a crowd favorite is the dolphin feeding at Dolphin Cove – you can click the link to see how to feed the dolphins as well.

These activities are an additional charge, but you must know that the experience will last a lifetime for the nominal fee you’ll pay.

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