Sky Ride

You just got out of Myombe Reserve and you start walking toward the Nairobi train station.

To your right, passed the train tracks and up above the rolling hills, you see blue gondolas gliding by.

You’re leaving Jugala a little later, headed toward the Tanganyika Tidal Wave when you look up and notice them quietly floating overhead again.

You don’t know it yet, but the Sky Ride quietly sits at the top of your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure to-do list.

You have good reasons to add the Sky Ride to your Orlando Flex Ticket Adventure
So maybe you think to yourself, “It’s probably pretty cool to be up there riding in those things.”

You board your gondola on the Sky Ride and you start your ascent.

When you get up there, you realize that two aspects of the Sky Ride you cannot appreciate from the ground:

You cannot appreciate the peaceful serenity you discover floating above Busch Gardens Tampa in your gondola.
You cannot appreciate the spectacular view of Busch Gardens Tampa from 60 feet over the Serengeti Plains.

The Sky Ride puts a unique perspective on your Orlando Flex Ticket tour

You glide almost silently in your car above the park.

In the distance, you see the outlines of

Montu flinging a car around its tracks.
Gwazi – an almost dark wooden outline against the horizon.
Sheikra towered proudly over the park.
They look like they’re miles away from up here above the plains.

You see the sharp edges of the Timbuktu theater cut against the horizon.

And you’re encircled by the endless, brightly colored green and yellow tracks of Cheetah Hunt.

Enjoy the relaxing side of your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure

Below you, you pass over gazelles who are in the same state of peace as you.

You notice Zebras grazing in the grass, and giraffes taking carrots from guests in a tour jeep.

You hear rumbling and see a Land Rover lumbering through the terrain at Rhino Rally.

You quietly continue your journey, until guests riding on Cheetah Hunt race right passed you.

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