Last weekend, because I was tired of staying at home all the time, my wife and I went to take a look at the park which is in the Lembang area, Maribaya, West Bandung Regency. Those of you who have often or have been to Lembang must be familiar with the Begonia Flower Garden. Access to the Begonia Flower Garden is quite easy if you go from the Dago – Lawang Wangi route – the location is before the Lembang market. However, if from the Setiabudhi (Plumber) route – past the Lembang market towards Jl. Maribaya – De ranch – Pusdikajen still continuing.

The Begonia Flower Garden is indeed a suitable place for me and those of you who like selfies because, in the Begonia Flower Garden, we can freely take pictures in various poses from the duck face to the beautiful face with a background of trees and flower plants at In addition, there are still many interesting photo spots such as love flowers, giant snails, sitting on a chair with a flower frame that reads “Begonia Gardens”, miniature horse carts, giant tricycles, swings, various statues, even wells, and many more.

The origin of the name Begonia Flower Garden itself is because the Begonia Flower Garden is dominated by Balinese flowers. To be honest, I am not an observer of flowers, all I know are roses and bangke flowers, the rest I raise my hand. After googling, Balinea is a beautiful Balinese Begonia flower and has many advantages over other flowers such as being suitable for low and high lands, flowering throughout the season, weather resistant to both rain and heat, and being easy to maintain. Balinese flowers consist of two colors, namely red and pink/pink.

In the Begonia Flower Garden, besides being able to see various kinds of flowers and take pictures, they also provide various kinds and types of flowers that you can buy to give to your boyfriend or take home for souvenirs from your mother. In addition, in the Begonia Flower Garden, there is a kind of mini hydroponic cherry tomato plantation that can be purchased and picked directly.

To avoid the scorching heat of the sun, my advice is to get here before 12 noon or after 12 noon because even though we are loaned a rattan hat, the sun’s heat still reaches the armpits and one more thing, if you want to be free to take selfies, you should avoid the time weekends or during long holidays besides being full, when taking pictures you also have to take turns with other visitors and lastly on weekends there will be selfie sticks scattered everywhere it’s okay just afraid to poke eyes on the selfie stick.

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