Las Vegas in Nevada State is renowned for its casinos across the city. Generally, every hotel in Las Vegas is a casino, even the airport!! Downtown Las Vegas is called The Strip. As soon as getting off the aircraft to the terminal, you will see hundreds of pokies machines in the waiting areas! As you walk all the way to collect your luggage and then proceed to the taxi waiting for the stand, you will few thousand more pokies machines. Yes, no typo here a few thousand! In fact, accommodations in Las Vegas are very cheap. You can get 2 double bedrooms for less than $50 a night. A 2-star Las Vegas discount hotel (for example Circus in The Strip) is comparable with 4-star hotels in Sydney with extremely high-quality bedrooms. There is a lot of discount hotel that you can easily find in Las Vegas.

If every hotel is also a casino, then how do underage kids walk along the hotel? Well, along the pathway in the hotel where the casino area exists, there will be a pathway line that restricts underage kids to enter the gambling area for more information click here to play casino games. Oh, one important thing – almost every hotel has Wedding Chapels!! You can get married in Las Vegas even though you’re not a U.S. resident for just $60. If you’re a shopping freak, Las Vegas is heaven for you. Don’t forget to bring empty-wheeled luggage. You will be surprised by how people are shopping at Premium Outlets in Las Vegas. Catch bus route 301 to Stratosphere Hotel (cost $2) and transfer to bus route 108 ($2) to reach Premium Outlets entrance. You can buy branded products with 25% to 75% OFF all day every day; Calvin Klein, Burberry, Coach, Nautica, etc.

Nevada is a desert area and really dry. Very often you will get static when interacting with metal-based objects. So, make sure you rub your hand on your pants or shirts before touching metal-based objects. Make sure you visit the Paris Las Vegas hotel. The interior is designed in such a way as to represent pathways in Paris. You will find various French restaurants in Paris Las Vegas. From the outside, you can see the Eiffel Tower is 5/8 size of the actual size of the original Eiffel Tower with the leg of the Eiffel Tower going through the ceiling of Paris Las Vegas that you can see in the Le Boulevard. Make sure you get coupons from various ticketing centers that you can use in various restaurants.

If you are planning to visit Grand Canyon, ensure that you organize it before you’re visiting Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is located about 250 miles from Las Vegas. Take highway 93 south from Las Vegas to Interstate 40 east to highway 64. The trip takes about 4 1/2 hours and takes you right over Hoover Dam. So, you might want to plan if you want to stay overnight in Grand Canyon and proceed with your traveling to the next city, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco other cities or to do a day trip to Grand Canyon.

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