Best Travelling Areas in New York City

New York is the amazing city of America and also the most populated one. It is one the premier way to get immigration to America. New York city have worthy architecture in a huge range of styles and eras. It have long go 1656 dated back building saltbox style Pieter to new building one world trade center currently building on ground zero. Due to combination of history and technology New York is flaring attraction for tourist. Today we are going to discuss exciting places in New York to gallop around. Of the fact these are crowded places but are crowded for reasons.

Starting with American Museum of Natural History is world’s most preeminent science and research institutions. It is one most famous tourist spot in the city. Arhictecture alone make it stand high its clean yet extensive stone building that imitates an heterogeneous mix of design styles at travel insurance. If you are planning to visit prepare yourself to much of long walks and stair climbing. Moving down the list Central park has added a woods looks to concrete texture of city. Does a boat ride, comforting walk or enjoy your family picnic or rather just sit and read a book. It accompanies large number of visitor and must to visit place in city. Its opening timing is 6.00 am and closing 1.00 am. Elli Island Immigration Museum gives a lavishing look to the visitor of the immigrants from past entered in city. Now days it is the portion of statue of liberty national monument and it is place where tourist can spend hours to get a flash view of immigrants Ellis Island’s history. It also holds the stories why people immigrated to America back then. It is the place where families celebrate the honor to those families who moved to America to give it a life.

Empire State Building is one of the finest skyscrapers in the town. If you are tired of looking at all those skyscrapers you have choice to view the city from the top. It offers a classy and tacky view of nyc and its surrounds. Grand central terminal were once a transportation hub but now its own shops, dinning and much more valuable for its visitors. Free tours are available for guidance so be sure look for guide before start walking in to. It is most exhilarating and hypnotic example of Beaux-Arts architecture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in US and has the most significant art collection from all over the world. Its collection contain round about 2 million art pieces.

The Museum of Modern Art is a host of striking collections and also modern artistic efforts. Rockefeller center is a great place to visit any time in the whole year. It must be popular for its Christmas tree and ice skating rink apart from that it also provide breathtaking view of top of the rock observation deck. . Rockefeller center is also home to radio city music hall, the shopping centers and dinning places. Staten Island ferry is 9th on the list it is the free ferry to Staten Island from lower Manhattan. Visitors and tourists use it to view statue of liberty and harbor. Top of the list is statue of liberty is symbol of freedom and also considered as welcoming to immigrants in US for better future ahead. It was gift in honor of friendship during French revolution. Millions of visitors visit statue all around the year. Mentioned above places are must to visit.

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