Thailand is the hub of animated scenes that comprise fancy contemporary cities crowded with cars, cycles, and motorbikes. The temple of Buddhist is the most charming location for travelers. Temples of Buddhists tended by orange-robed monks in the entire area. Traditional handicrafts sold by hill tribes and sophisticated landscapes dotted with beautiful colors. Astonished coastlines and ancient ruins peppered with glorious blue lagoons and beaches. Thailand is currently the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Best travel areas for couples to celebrate their honeymoons through special packages. The cultural, natural, and historic attractions of Thailand never forget your life. Especially, the most popular beaches & islands are the best place for a couple to enjoy their honeymoon. The islands of Thailand are fully covered with greenish cliffs and surrounded by blue crystal water.

The Islands off the coast of Thailand are popular in the entire world for their splendid beaches. The best place in this country is clear crystal waters and a favorable place for a party. One of the best Islands of all is the Island of Phuket. Phuket is the country’s most developed and growing city in terms of tourist and business averages. The city is perfectly connected to the mainland by two bridges. Once you visit the most sprawling island and boating is very famous at this spot. The most famous three islands in this beautiful country are Koh Samet, Koh Chang, and Andaman Phuket. However, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest city in the country. Bangkok is a blend of ancient temples, glittering nightclubs, magnificent palaces, rise buildings, bustling markets, and streets lined with tantalizing foods and vendors hawking souvenirs.

The economic condition of this city is good and sometimes detailed the other face air pollution and noisy traffic. Bangkok is rated well in the best travel areas because of its natural beauty that is seen in its green spaces, flowering tropical plants, and scenic canals. The lush landscape is a dreamer for every tourist and backpacker. Coexisting of Thai architecture and tradition is exploring a tremendous spot for vacationers. Apart from this, Chaing Mai is the presentation of the cultural activities of nationals. Kanchanaburi is another spectacular face of the western side of Asia.

Everyone admired this place because of its charming national parks and waterfalls. This place is located near the “Death River” and reflects the awesome art of laborers on this river. In addition, at the time of the construction of the river thousand of POWS and laborers died. Finally, at the closing end of Asia, this beautiful island seems at the top. Here we highlight the ten best travel areas for families, couples, and singles. Asia is the most magnificent sub-continent in the world. The hub of so many natural beauties and remarkable outdoor adventures places.

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