Florida is a great place for family beach vacations and the Breakers Resort is the perfect place to stay and have fun with your family when in Florida.

The Breakers Resort is known for its family-friendly environment, from its facilities to its staff, which is lacking in some beach resorts. In the Breakers Resort, families can reserve up to 5 adjoining rooms, perfect for large families. Kids under sixteen stay in the rooms for free too. If a family will be staying with infants or children below 3, The Breakers offer complimentary room child-proofing which includes covering electrical outlets, adding pads to table corners, and removing all plastic bags in garbage pails. Sitting services are also provided by booking screened and experienced babysitters in advance.

Staying at the Breakers is pure fun for both adults and kids. The resort has a Family Entertainment Center which is 6,160 square feet. The Family Entertainment Center boasts of an arcade with over 20 games, a game room with 3 units each of Playstation and Xbox consoles, and a children’s movie room with bean bag chairs and widescreen TV. The center also has a toddlers’ craft area and playroom as well as an adjoining Italian restaurant that lets parents watch over their little ones while enjoying their meal. For parents who want to explore the resort, they can avail of child monitoring services for a fee.

The Breakers Resort also has an outdoor playground and sports court. Children can play their favorite games of volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey and so much more. Smaller kids can enjoy playing jungle gym, climbing cargo nets, and slide-down slides with other kids. There are benches all over the court and playground to provide seating for tired kids as well as supervising parents.

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