Save on Travel Insurance with Multi-Trip Coverage

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy

If you travel often for business or to visit friends and family, purchasing a multi-trip travel insurance policy could save you money and the hassle of having to renew your plan each time you travel. Most annual or multi-trip insurance plans are renewed annually, which means you have the flexibility to travel when you want and where you want without having to purchase additional coverage or make changes to your policy.

Generally, multi-trip policies will include cover for an unlimited number of business or leisure trips but will have a maximum number of days per trip. If in doubt, the policy wording will provide full details.

What’s included in a multi-trip insurance plan?

Most insurance companies offer the same coverage as single-trip insurance plans, but it is worth looking at the features, inclusions, and conditions of any multi-trip travel insurance plan before buying to determine whether it is suitable for you. The major difference with multi-trip travel policies is that it isn’t necessary to take out a new policy each time you travel. For busy business travelers, this is one less item to worry about each time they travel. It is generally more cost-effective too – as many companies offer these plans at a discount.

Coverage that may be included in your multi-trip plan includes:

  • Emergency medical transportation and treatment
  • Lost/stolen luggage insurance
  • Flight accident coverage
  • Accident or dismemberment coverage
  • Trip cancelation coverage

Other amenities offered include free access to your account, a 24-hour hotline that you can call for travel advice or in case of an emergency, baggage delay coverage, and concierge services. Insurance companies differ in the services that they offer, so make sure you read the policy carefully and evaluate whether it is suitable before purchasing it.

Benefits of multi-trip travel insurance

In addition to saving money and not having to take out a new policy each time you travel, there are other benefits to purchasing multi-trip travel insurance. Benefits include being able to choose the level of coverage that you want, having access to help when you need it regardless of where you are in the world, and having peace of mind before and during your trip.

If you travel often or you’re planning to take a few trips this year, annual multi-trip travel insurance proves to be the most cost-effective option. Further, it may provide additional flexibility which is important when traveling, and save time and hassle.

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