Physically Tuning Artists To Perform At Their Best

Life on the road is changing, as fast-living and excess have given way to a cleaner lifestyle. Touring has become a fully-fledged, profitable business, and the pressure for artists and bands to meet the demands of performing shows to fans worldwide is ever-growing.

Taxing schedules require performers to seek and maintain optimum health in the face of prolonged travel, erratic sleep patterns and hours spent sitting in cars, planes, and hotel rooms. The reality is, exercise and healthy living often come second to endless promos, sound checks, and interviews that swallow up an artist’s time and put the skids on their making progress. This is a problem that needs addressing. High-profile performers need to become, and remain, in top shape.

Rockstage Fitness rises to the challenge by providing a time-efficient system of progressive, structured exercise and tailored nutrition, built around the needs and constraints of such high-profile clients.

We call it the STAGE-READY program.

It boosts performance, endurance, and recovery by promoting fast, effective fat loss (where needed) and improved well-being. It guarantees artists impressive results in the lead-up to the tour, and ongoing maintenance out on the road, as required. Ever conscious of strict time management, and the need for flexibility on tour, STAGE-READY is personally tailored to the client’s schedule on a day-to-day basis, however big or small a window this might end up being as the tour progresses.

Alongside a structured nutritional strategy working in line with an artist’s personal chef or tour catering we ensure that our clients reach the stage, ready to perform at their best. More and more, artists and record company management are starting to realize just how big a part health and fitness play, is in helping to prolong touring schedules and keep nightly performances at a high. To find out how we can build a safe and time-effective wellness program into your touring schedule, please contact us for further information.

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