Our Fitness Consulting Services

In the run-up to a tour start, we provide consultation services that encompass all areas of an artist’s fitness and nutrition plans, be that for an existing or a new program of change. Whether our services are required pre-tour, out on the road, or a mix of the two, we offer help and advice on the following planning needs:


Tour Training Fitness and Massage Equipment – Bespoke selection and sourcing of required kit, personally matched to the artist’s fitness needs and goals. This includes guidance on storage and transportation requirements.

Personal Fitness Profile and Planning – A detailed assessment of an artist’s current fitness and well-being, including a 60-point checklist to determine current physical readiness for an upcoming tour schedule.

Personally Tailored Nutritional Analysis – Following assessment, we provide a structured nutritional strategy, working in line with an artist’s personal chef or tour catering, to reach desired body composition and maintain the required energy levels for performance.

Periodized Fitness Programming – For disciplined clients with an existing fitness regime who require a custom-made plan to implement away on tour, without Trainer supervision (regularly updated and re-assessed between legs).


Travel Training Companion – We offer the services of a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, who remains ‘on-call’ to work with and advise clients during their time away from home, whether this be for the duration of a full national/international tour or simply a certain leg.

Our job is to motivate, guide and ensure that artists adhere to a regular, structured program of health and fitness, effectively molded around whatever time constraints they might encounter.

Downtime Training – Between legs, we can provide a structured program of training that builds on an artist’s current fitness, preparing or maintaining their conditioning in the run-up to the next stage of touring. Focus can be placed on any stage aches or injuries, as well as training difficulties/weaknesses they might have encountered, while on the road.

Re-assessment – Following a client’s initial fitness and nutrition assessment before a tour leg, we can re-evaluate their needs and progressions, and redesign any areas of a program that need tweaking as a result. Assessing an artist’s improvements is a great motivator, and maintains focus in adhering to a structured workout plan.

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