Home Water Extraction

Whether from extreme weather, floods, washer overflow, water heater leakage, or broken pipes, a water emergency in the home can occur at any time. And whatever the cause, our professionals are there to help all year long regardless of the time or day. Highly trained and certified, our technicians use high-tech equipment to get the job quickly and properly done. Further, the company also prides itself in having conducted emergency flood and water removal for years and can be depended upon to fix it fast and right. Moreover, our technicians are insured and have undergone numerous background checks.

With each water emergency having its own unique characteristics, homeowners should take certain actions in the event of one.

These include:

Immediately getting in touch with the experts.
The longer you delay calling in the professionals, the more expensive and tougher it will be to mitigate the problem.
It is also easier for secondary damage and mold to take root with the latter being responsible for sicknesses and other complications that may arise later.
Eliminating the source of water is at the heart of the problem.
Turning off circuit breakers to wet areas only when it is deemed safe.
Moving small items of furniture and other breakables to other places in the home that are unaffected by water.
Using a shop vacuum to remove excess water thus staving off the chance of getting electrocuted.

Water Remove Process

Since accidents happen when we least expect it, our professional technicians get rid of excess water in the following ways i.e.

Standing water is extracted through the use of tools such as water claws or carpet wands.
Each area that has been affected is given special care and attention.
In order to reach the water beneath carpeted areas, it is advisable to use a water claw due to its effectiveness. This is because its water removal process ensures that the padding and carpet are left virtually dry.

To halt the growth of mildew and other harmful micro-organisms, our technicians incorporate the use of anti-microbial treatment. Lastly, air movers that work at high speed are used to create airflow across the walls and carpet that aids in moisture evaporation. In addition, dehumidifiers prevent humidity, promote faster drying, and help maintain indoor air quality.

What to Expect From Our Experts

In the aftermath of a home water emergency, our trained experts are dispatched immediately.
Prior to the arrival of our technicians, we will advise you on measures to take to minimize damage to your home.

Upon arrival, our experts will quickly survey the emergency situation, advise you on a proposed action plan, and prepare an estimate of what needs to be done.
Next, all the free-standing water will be immediately pumped out.
Our experts will then extract water from padding, carpet, and upholstery. If necessary, padding and carpet may be removed.

After removing the wet items, anti-microbial treatment is given to prevent the growth of bacteria. To speed up the drying process, dehumidification and drying equipment is run. The wet carpet and padding will then be cleaned before being re-installed. To ensure that your home returns to normalcy as soon as possible, we will liaise with your insurance company to speed up the claims process. To ensure that everything is dry in accordance with industry standards, we will use high-tech equipment to inspect your home before we leave.

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