The Lazy River

You’re all alone, adrift on your own private island riding the currents to wherever they take you.

Quiet Relaxation is not a rule.

But after being shot out of a gamma tube by The Hulk roller coaster, or flipped around by The Kraken, the river makes for perfect “me” time on your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure.

The Lazy River at Wet ‘n Wild has to be one of the coolest creations in recent history.

A minute of relaxation is always welcome on your Orlando Flex ticket tour
You’re in your tube.

Maybe your feet are sore, so you leave submerged beneath the cool water.

Your hands are also lazily moving beneath the water.

It doesn’t even matter where you’re headed – this is all about the journey.

Take a lazy tour around Wet ‘n Wild on your Orlando Flex Ticket tour
You’re leaning back with your head against the soft tube – maybe you’ve closed your eyes.

Cool breezes swirl around the river’s surface keeping you cool while you take in the sunshine.

Now you’re floating along with calm currents, letting any useless concerns just melt away.

Here, you’re allowed to take it nice and easy.

Hurry up and do nothing on this part of your Flex Ticket tour
You don’t need to wait in line for this attraction.

Get in, and lazily float passed other attractions on this slow-moving, scenic tour around Wet ‘n Wild.

If you get too hot, then just jump into the river until you cool down.

Then climb back onto your tube and continue floating lazily down the river for as far as plan to go.

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