What Gaming Laptop Should I Buy?

The PC master race will always argue that you’d surely need a Desktop gaming rig to play and enjoy PC games to the fullest. And you can do that while pushing the boundaries of graphical performance compared to console gaming. And they surely are correct about this logic since PC gaming is still at the top of gaming world platforms since you’d get every cutting-edge hardware and power from a desktop gaming rig without a doubt. Desktop gaming rigs are still the best choice for 4K and VR gaming without a doubt. But when we talk about portability with Desktop gaming rigs, the score is pretty much zero. You wouldn’t wanna carry your gaming PC around everywhere you go, especially if you’re a student or your job requires you to stay out of your apartment most of the time. And at times like these, gaming laptops come to the rescue for the sake of mobility and performance.

With gaming laptops, the power efficiency is always a matter of debate since they shouldn’t be made like power-hungry gaming rigs. And even the models of the latest processors and GPUs of desktop rigs are named the same way, they aren’t made equally for laptops for obvious reasons. The new RTX 3000 series on desktop PCs will never deliver the same powerful performance as the laptop versions and there are reasons. Laptop motherboards can’t exactly provide the amount of power needed to run the GPU at its peak as the desktop ones do and it shows. Overclocking your GPUs on laptops is still relevant but not safe.

The old mobile gaming was nothing but piling up desktop components building some sort of architectural nightmare with them. But the time has certainly changed and the world of gaming laptops changed with it for the better. They’ve become more powerful and less chunky over the years for the most convenience which goes without saying. They’re more portable and certainly can be called professional gaming builds now and the gaming experience is amazing. AMD and Nvidia both have been pretty busy producing the next-gen powerful mobile GPU and Processors for the top of top-of-the-notch gaming performance on laptops. The Ryzen Processors with RTX 3000 series are already proving to be a very solid and powerful combo for the new gaming laptops along with the mobility they offer. And with the growing market for gaming laptops, it certainly is hard to choose the best gaming laptop. But we’ve compiled an amazing list by researching and organizing information on various gaming laptops to provide you with the best insight to help you choose the best gaming laptop.


The Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 is on our top list since it provides a lot of the features of the best gaming laptop along with affordability. It’s certainly more affordable compared to the Razer Blade ones and that’s not all. The previous G14 version used to be the top of the line but with G15, Asus pretty much regained their glory from the old version but it gets even better. And it certainly became the best 15-inch gaming laptop your money can buy without a doubt. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 is one of the lightest gaming laptops out there and the portability you’re getting without needing to sacrifice performance is surely amazing. It’s running with the best processors and GPUs from AMD and Nvidia and the performance is impeccable. The QHD display has a refresh rate of 165Hz making it capable of handling AAA games without compromising the framerates. No bottlenecks there and with the QHD display, you’ll get crystal clear and amazing color reproduction frames out of it.

Besides gaming, it’s perfect for pretty much all kinds of computing works and that’s not boasting. The immersive audio output is without a doubt strong and the keyboard is as comfortable as you can expect from a premium gaming laptop. And the battery backup it delivers is still a lot compared to other premium gaming laptops in the market right now.

Gigabyte Aorus 17G

If you’re looking for the best-performing beast of a gaming laptop, look no further. The Gigabyte Aorus 17G will certainly suit all of your gaming needs without any doubt. The weight of it is still average and the power it provides compared to its weight is more than satisfactory. With more than 64GB of memory and a powerful 10th-generation processor, this laptop can do a lot more than just gaming. But the most important part here is the RTX and Super RTX cards from Nvidia it comes with. The display has a 240Hz refresh rate, you can play every AAA game there is and it will still deliver you the maximum performance it’s meant to deliver.


The Dell G15 SE is another beast of a gaming laptop but it’s more affordable than the other ones on this list because you can buy it below $1000. At this price, you won’t need to compromise the gaming performance except for the display refresh rate which 60Hz. But with its Ryzen 7 processor and Nvidia’s next-gen GPU, it provides the best performance you can have at this price range.


Considering the performance the RAZER BLADE PRO 17 provides and all that compared to the expense of this absolute beast of the gaming world, we had to push it back under the more affordable gaming laptops. But if we consider the performance, the RAZER BLADE PRO 17 should be at the top list. This flagship laptop comes with amazing power delivery. It’s very slim for a gaming laptop and the portability is off the charts. The main attraction point is its 300Hz screen to delivers you as many framerates as you need from AAA games where a bottleneck is just a distant memory. And the RAZER BLADE PRO 17 is certainly not cheap with all this packed-up power.


If you’re looking for a simple yet performance-wise affordable gaming laptop, the ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 15 is certainly the right one for you. With comfy RGB keyboards, it’s one of the attractive points of this amazing gaming laptop. The hardware it packs up is great and with its combination of Intels processor with Nvidia’s next-gen GPU, it certainly provides you with the performance you desire. There’s a 300Hz display option for you to pick from and that’s just one of the many plus points.

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