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Selecting a Trip for You:

Trekking in the Himalayas is fun, but it is adventurous, strenuous, and physically challenging. If you sign up for a trek that you cannot handle physically, you will have a very hard time completing it. Therefore, you should carefully select a trek that you are capable of doing if trekking is your plan. We offer trekking in the Himalayas in three different grades (Easy, Moderate, and Strenuous). In Thailand and in the Mekong Sub-Region countries, we offer tour programs that are suited for every level of fitness. However, trekking and adventurous outdoor activities require special attention no matter where it is, whether in the Himalayas or in the rain-forests. We want you to have fun when you are on a tour with us.

To help us select a tour suited for you, please tell us about your outdoor experience and the type of tour you are interested in so that we can help you to select the best trip for you in Asia. Please feel free to ask for any questions or help.

Physical and Mental Fitness:

Mental Fitness: When you are on our tours in Asia, particularly the ecotourist activities in the remote areas, you are traveling in an exotic and underdeveloped part of the world, where the local people have a totally different outlook on life, but remember that this is the main reason for going on a foreign tour! Do not always expect things to happen on time as they do at home. In developing countries, transportation, communication, and other facilities are often strained and delays can occur frequently. Just relax, take things at ease, and keep an open mind. Such attitudes would enable one to reap rewards in excess of one’s expectations. You will enjoy your trip even more if you learn about the country you are visiting before your departure.

Physical Fitness: Since the theme behind most of our trips is adventure, the healthier you are, the more easily you will adjust to and enjoy your trip. Now, we are not looking for athletes to compete; in fact, the ages of our clients ranged from age 7 to 75 plus, but the degree of difficulty does vary widely, and it is most important that you select an appropriate level for yourself. Obviously, the degree of fitness required for each trip varies according to the activity involved. On most rafting trips, for example, you need not be as fit as you would need to be for a trek.

Medical Check-Up:

For some expeditions, a medical certificate is required. If you receive one from us, please complete it and return it to us as soon as possible after booking. If one is required and you have not returned it to us at Discover Asia Travel or our office in Nepal before your departure, you will not be allowed to join the trip. Even if a medical certificate is not required, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before undertaking any tour involving strenuous physical activity.


Modern dentistry is easily found in Major city centers in Thailand. But unknown in many of the areas visited in the Himalayas except Everest Region and in the big cities. So, please have a check-up before departure. Tooth-fillings sometimes come loose in cold temperatures and at high altitudes. So, you should also have those checked carefully, and do not forget to buy a first aid kit for teeth; it should be handy, easy to carry, and use.

Clothing for Tropical Destinations / Thailand:

Thailand is a tropical country, so you do not need to bring warm clothes. You should bring thin long-sleeved shirts and pants to avoid mosquito or insect bites when hiking through jungles, hiking shorts, light-hiking shoes, T-shirts, windbreakers, hats, a pair of sunglasses, flash-light, and suntan cream. Bring mosquito or insect repellents if you are going on our outdoor tours in Southeast Asia that involve walking through jungles and camping out at night. When you are going on our tours in the islands in Thailand, please remember to bring with you a good set of beach clothes such as a swimsuit, beach sandals, paddle jackets, windbreakers, a baseball or a wide-brim hat, a flashlight, sunglasses, extra pair of prescription glasses if you use them, suntan cream, and any other clothing you might think necessary.

Clothing for the Himalayan Destinations:

It is very frustrating to be uncomfortable, inconvenienced, or unable to do all you want because of improper equipment, and, of course, it can even be dangerous. Pack your things carefully following the list below. Do not overload yourself or the porters, but do make sure that what you bring is suitable. Waterproof Duffel bags for the trek should weigh not more than 15 kilos or 33 pounds.

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