Have you ever had to recycle or participated in a recycling program? Why? Probably because it made sense to recycle by making the most out of the resources at hand.

How about the price of gas today? There is no wonder why people are looking for green ways to conserve energy and resources.

Not only are individuals but businesses too are getting on the ”green train”. They are the 1st manufacturer to offset 100% of their CO2 emissions from facility energy use. Quite an impressive commitment!

Now we are seeing Hollywood get involved. Evan Almighty was the 1st green movie to be made. They challenged themselves to zero out their CO2 emissions and donated resources to Habitat for Humanity. In fact, their special features section contains a myriad of ways to recycle. Ideas we’d like to share that highlight things we all can do to join the recycling efforts. Each of us can get involved because our combined efforts will make a difference in tomorrow’s world.

Healthy and green according to Evan Almighty:

Drive a hybrid vehicle or one that is more environmentally friendly.
Take shorter showers and turn off the water while lathering or shaving.
Turn off the lights when not in use.
Use a clothesline instead of the dryer. ½ of laundry will save 700 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year and you won’t lose your socks.
Buy fresh instead of frozen. It takes 10 times the energy to produce.
Skip drive-through at a fast food restaurant. Park instead since diminishing idling 10 minutes per day saves 550 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.
Don’t buy air fresheners. Use natural scents such as orange and cinnamon.
Change light bulbs to compact fluorescent. According to Green Talk, Home Depot offers free recycling for burnt-out compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs.
Grow your own garden. If space is a challenge there are many options with container gardening or square foot gardening as explained by Mel Bartholomew.
Buy items at thrift stores and buy clothes that don’t need dry cleaning.
Bring your own coffee mug to the coffee shop.
Use paper instead of Styrofoam
Keep windows open as much as possible. Allows the fresh air in while releasing the toxins. Make sure the heat is off.
Use blinds or skylights. Keep them open for light and heat.
Leave shoes outside so as to keep pollution out of the house.
Commute to work by riding, using public transportation, or walking.
Plant a tree. In a tree’s lifetime, it will absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide.
Try working at home.
Have a green marriage by wearing clothes that you will be able to use again.
Buy products that are sold with less packaging.
Set your thermostat down 3 degrees in winter and up 3 degrees in summer.
Use energy-efficient appliances when making purchases.
When not in use unplug chargers for cell phones and MP3 players.
Bring used bags to the grocery store to recycle or reuse. Many stores now have durable bags to purchase to hold your grocery purchases.
Put solar in your home to reduce electricity bills or a wood stove to reduce fuel bills.
This recycle list is by no means exhaustive and we will strive to bring to you new and innovative ways and resources to make a difference today for tomorrow.

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