The Flyer

A taste of Olympic bobsledding at its finest at Orlando’s Wet ‘n Wild.

The difference is that you’re in your swimsuit, it’s not freezing cold, there’s no ice, and you aren’t in imminent danger.

Gather your team and hop on board your Flyer for a race down the watery slopes.

Launch your team over the slopes and experience the Flyer on your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure.

Splash through the curves and drops on your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure
Hit the curve banks just right – You’ll ride so high up onto the slide walls that you’ll be flirting with the edge of the track.

Then swish back through the wake across to the other side of the track – Wave after wave of water lands on top of your head.

Build up a head of steam whipping around the curves and down into abrupt slopes- You’ll catch some serious speed heading down the home stretch.

And you won’t need to worry about going off a cliff or barreling head-first into an ice bank if your team members don’t do their jobs!

This is your Orlando Flex Ticket adventure – Live it YOUR way!
You can ride with up to four passengers in your toboggan, and proper weight distribution changes this from an exciting ride to an extreme ride.

You don’t need to have four riders to enjoy the ride, so get in line and take your turn.

While you’re there, don’t forget to add the Surf Lagoon Wave Pool to your Orlando Flex ticket adventure too!

Follow the Wet ‘n Wild link for a list of rides and slides that will get you soaked on your flex ticket tour.

Once you’re done with the Flyer, use your 5-Park Orlando Flex Ticket to go to Aquatica and ride Whanau Way with your friends.

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