Special Dishes of South African Cuisine

South African cuisine is a combination of many flavors from different regions, in which the ethnic community of Zulu, Xhosa, and Cape Malay is the pieces that make up the colors of South African dishes. Here are 7 prominent names.

Bobotie – a reminder of South African cuisine

Referring to the cuisine of the Republic of South Africa, people immediately remember Bobotie. The ingredients of the dish include a mixture of lamb beef pork, they are mixed with garlic, bell peppers, onions with ginger spices, lime peel, and curry powder and grilled until cooked; then cover with a layer of custard. Enjoying this dish, visitors can feel the rich aroma of meat with a little fat aroma from the custard; Blended with traditional spicy sambal sauce to create a delicious dish that is hard to resist. Bobotie is an indispensable dish on Easter in South Africa and is recognized as one of the typical dishes of this land. Today it is popular not only throughout Africa but also in neighboring regions.

Bunny Chow a uniquely South African dish

Possessing a delicate appearance and a very unique taste, the Bunny chow bread curry is a type of curry contained in a gutted loaf, the cutout intestines will be placed on the bread cup. Essentially this dish is vegetarian and made by the Indians in Durban, today South African chefs have made it diverse and suitable for even the “meat geek” who likes adding meat. chicken or beef, lamb … served with onion salad with carrot and chili. When enjoying Bunny Chow, dab a piece of crispy bread in a fatty sauce and feel the characteristic hot, spicy, and equally attractive aroma that makes diners praise.

Stewed or roasted sheep heads

Sheep head is one of the dishes that is considered to be intimidating to the eaters of South Africa. The head of the Sheep is removed from the brain and then stewed or roasted with curry, according to the experience of enjoying the dishes of South African cuisine, the ears, and eyes are the best. The dish is not easy to look back on and has a good taste, not too difficult to enjoy when traveling to South Africa, you can buy stewed sheep heads at supermarkets, food stores, and food stalls.

Melktert is popular in South Africa

Melktert (Milk tart) is the most popular and favorite dessert among South African culinary delicacies. This cake is a type of milk tart with cinnamon powder, and although easy to make, it has a very delicious taste. Especially when the cream filling blends butter, eggs, vanilla, almond, and cinnamon sugar. If baked at a moderate temperature, standard Melktert will have a unique softness and aroma. The little cinnamon above brings back the aromatic, passionate taste that many people have admired.

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