Pre-existing conditions

Preexisting medical conditions are often a concern for older people when they travel. Depending on the medical condition, you may need to submit paperwork from your physician stating that you are fit to travel if you have certain health conditions. When applying for coverage, ask to see a preexisting conditions list to see if your health problems are automatically covered. Full disclosure is important when applying for any type of insurance so if in doubt ask - this will avoid a potential claim being declined.

A preexisting condition should not necessarily deter a senior citizen from traveling or from purchasing travel insurance. It is just important to ensure that you have adequate coverage.

Any form of travel carries with it an inherent degree of risk. Trying to arrange travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition can, however, be somewhat of a daunting task.

The high cost of good quality cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions is enough to either discourage some from travelling all together or at the very least encourage holiday makers to take the risk and not disclose their pre-existing condition to their insurers.

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition, but without ample travel insurance, is, however, simply an invitation for problems. Many families that travel together, for example, do not realise the full implications of a family member with a pre-existing medical condition falling ill during a trip. The illness can have an impact that extends across the entire family. Good quality travel insurance ensures that, should the worst happen, your loved ones are not stuck alone in a foreign locale, at a time when they need you most.

Respiratory conditions, heart problems, issues with circulation, cancerous conditions, and psychological conditions should not be reasons why travellers can not enjoy their holiday as much as the rest of us. If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, however, it can often feel like you are left without piece of mind as you embark on your adventure.

There are a growing number of high quality travel insurance providers, however, that are committed to helping ensure that those with pre-existing medical conditions can enjoy the same great holidays as the rest of us. Taking out cover with one of these providers can help to alleviate some of the feelings of anxiety, allowing you and your loved ones to focus solely on enjoying the time that you get to spend to get together, without any fear.

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