Juice Beauty Fall Harvest Event

Recently, I was invited to take a tour of the Juice Beauty farm in Sonoma County with a bunch of other bloggers, and join them to celebrate the start of Fall Harvest!

It was so amazing meeting the founder of Juice Beauty, Karen. I absolutely loved hearing her story of how the brand began.

Importance of clean beauty and I was truly inspired!

She provided us with so much knowledge of what goes into the making of juice beauty products & how she is changing the beauty industry with her organic and cruelty-free products. She truly opened my eyes to make sure I always know what things I use before I put them on my skin.

We then had the absolute cutest brunch set up with some of the most beautiful flower arrangements! It gave me all the fall vibes! While also having some juice beauty products waiting for us to take home at the table!

Here are some of the yummy food, drinks, and desserts we enjoyed!

I can’t forget to mention how beautiful the kitchen at Juice Beauty House is! 😍 Incredible views of countless beautiful vineyards and mountains!

Next, we visited the Juice Beauty Farm, it was so beautiful! I absolutely love all the vineyards! We learned about the ingredients in the products they produce on the farm and even did some taste testing on some of the grapes grown there!

It’s nice to see some true fall color in the leaves and trees since we don’t see much of it here in Northern California. Then we went back to the farm to stomp grapes! This was my first time doing this and it was so much fun! I even got to do it with the founder, Karen, which was a really cool moment!

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