India is known to be a very ancient country. Indian traditions prove this contention. Even modern historians of the world admit that India is one of the most ancient of nations with rich legacies of culture and literacy pursuits, which very few nations can boast of. So, people interested in knowing the depth of the culture, the story behind any historical monument, the importance of traditions, and the value of relations should visit India.

Every state of India has its history. They are hiding many golden moments in themselves. Only the thing is to peep inside it, yes but of course through proper guidance. Now a day’s different websites are launched for convenience we can go through them to our destination according to our interests.

PIECE IN MIND WITH NORTHERN PART: In the north of India lie the Himalayan mountain ranges along with the cool breeze of Kashmir and the heart-throbbing dance of Punjab.

QUEEN WITH JEWELS ‘DELHI’: The historical monument of the red fort, Qutub Minar along with the lotus temple, shanty dham, and India gate welcomes you to the capital of India. The capital shows its beauty through its jewels, means monuments, Raj bhavan, and other government offices, markets, and buildings with their political importance.

NORTH AND NORTH EASTERN STATES Temples of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand with nawab atmosphere will force you to stop here only. And who doesn’t know about the TAJ MAHAL- a symbol of love? The history behind the Taj mahal tells us about the value of true love. Northeastern states are hills and the seven states are known as the seven sisters of India. Bihu dance of Assam, apples of Himachal, tribal people of Mizoram, and Nagas of Nagaland will show you their dare to survive in hilly states with their fields like stairs and dense forests. The ancient building of Kolkata in west Bengal will tell you about its history. Victoria is memorable – a museum with a lot of secrets, china town, Hawra Bridge, handmade articles with jute, bamboo, and Durga pooja will snatch your time from you.

MIDDLE INDIA While coming from Kolkata, we can go to the sun temple of Orrisa, Bhubaneshwar. The center point has van vihar, Sanchi Stupa, Bhojpuri, temples of Ujjain, Khajuraho, the fort of Gwalior, and many more things.

WESTERN IS WESTERN Western part has a desert of kutch, kalbeliya dance, people living in caravans, Gandhi Aashram, ancient forts, colorful Garba, and a peaceful seashore. Then we will come down we’ll enter the fastest city of international-‘Mumbai ‘, ajanta ellora, seaports, marine adventure and the beautiful church of god will capture your mind. The beaches, the greenery, and the mind-blowing carnival will increase your heartbeat.

SOUTH – THE GOLDEN MOUTH As we know India has a very social, cultural, and philosophical heritage. The beautiful miniature, temples, Vivekananda rock, important ports, and beaches with beauty are some famous things the south is known for traditional dances like Mohini – attain, khachapuri, bharat Nat yam, Kath kali, etc. are the shine of India.

The oldest martial art, the Vedas, the Sanskrit literature appreciates the various important features of ancient systems of India. the southern languages originated from Sanskrit itself. The history of southern India is a treasure. Treasure of knowledge, wisdom, sculpture, architecture, etc, and course south Indian diseases.

Vacation time can be utilized fully with the planning of spending it according to the area of interest. India is a land of ‘unity is diversity’ not in the contest of people but also in its physical features. From the icy mountains to the plains, plateau, deserts, and coastal areas, India shows a variation of dresses, languages living, arts, literature, dances, food items, and religion but everywhere you will see only one thing in mind-tithi devo bath and that’s why it is “INCREDIBLE INDIA”.

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