Summer is a great time to go for a vacation. The kids are off school so you can bring them along and have a family vacation. The time you will spend with them exploring new places and sharing novel adventures will surely make them even more important to you. Of course, this works both ways. You will also become more important to them.

Regardless of whether you have only one child or four children, it is quite normal in these times of economic difficulties to look for ways you can stretch your precious dollars on your vacation. Fortunately, there are plenty of possibilities you can do.


You can start by planning your vacation early. Usually, travel companies are only too eager to book their first customers that they are willing to offer substantial discounts to early birds. Having said that, it has to be pointed out that this does not necessarily mean that there are no great deals for last-minute buyers. If no purchases were made for a company’s tour packages, they may lower their prices just to fill up the available slots. This will take a little luck and a diligent search.

The Internet is a great place to start looking for great deals. Since you are searching from your desk, you can cover more offers than you can by visiting the travel company’s offices. To supplement this, you should also check local newspapers. A lot of travel groups still advertise in them.

You can also directly check out the websites of airlines and hotels even if only to confirm the prices quoted by travel agencies. Sometimes agencies charge a premium over airline and hotel rates especially if bookings are made during the peak season.

One great holiday you can have with your kids is a Disney vacation. Disney World resorts often offer affordable packages to family tourists. Among the better packages is the “Magic Your Way Package”. This includes hotel accommodation for a week, pick-up and return service to the airport, tickets for theme parks, plus other benefits.

Winter Summerland

You can choose campground accommodation if you feel like communing with nature, otherwise, you can stay in deluxe rooms or villas. Your theme park tickets included in the package allow once-a-day visits to the theme parks, but if you would rather have full access to the parks several times a day you can switch to the Park Hopper. In addition to these, you also get a Photo Pass which means that a professional photographer will be taking your photos in any of the parks, a Sea Ray certificate giving you extra time on your watercraft rentals, and a visit to Winter Summerland.

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