Find Historical Memories at the Revolutionary Museum in Cuba

Known for its ancient beauty and as a place to display epic historical relics, exploring the revolutionary museum in Cuba is a wonderful experience. However, where is this museum located, what is interesting? If you are interested, do not miss this information that is about to be shared.

Brief introduction about the revolutionary museum in Cuba

Revolution museum is not only a famous tourist destination in Cuba, but it is also known as a place to keep a lot of information, and evidence, about the historical events of this beautiful country. Previously, from the time of Mario Garcia to the time of Fulgencio Batista, the museum was also a government building, the workplace of presidents. But after the historic revolution in Cuba, this building was turned into a revolutionary historical museum, to store ancient information and documents about the wars for the independence of this country. That is the same thing, the museum has caused curiosity and attraction to visitors and has become a destination that is interesting to many people.

How to move to the revolutionary museum in Cuba

The address of Cuban Revolution museum is located in the city of Havana – the capital of Cuba, so moving here is quite easy and convenient. However, before you reach the museum, you can book a plane ticket to Havana, Cuba. After reaching the capital Havana, from the city center there are many means of transportation to the revolutionary museum in Cuba, but the most popular are buses and trains. Both safe and cost-effective. If you want to take the initiative in travel time, you can rent a self-drive car or Coco Taxi (3-wheel taxi). The cost of these two vehicles is not too expensive.

Learn the history of the revolutionary museum in Cuba

Cuban Revolutionary Museum, also known as Museo de la Revolucion, was built a long time, since 1920, standing up by President Mario Garcia Menocal and known, this is a monumental and impressive building at the time. at that time. This work was built by two famous architects, named: Carlos Maruri a Cuban architect, and Paul Belau – a Belgian architect.

This famous museum building, built in the Neo-structural style, was decorated by Tiffany and Co of New York. Initially built, this museum was once a Cuban government building for about 40 years, a place to witness the work of politicians who were wholeheartedly for the country, overcoming difficulties to bring to life live peacefully and well for the people. And later, the government building became a museum that holds many antiques, artifacts, and historical documents.

The highlight of the revolutionary museum in Cuba

The most famous museum in Cuba and the ideal place to learn about the history and revolutions of this country. Stepping inside the museum, you will find that there are many collections of antiques and artifacts related to wars, such as Battista guns, military vehicles, and boats. , newspapers, … are extremely impressive and these antiques are mostly from the period of the 1950s – 1959. Besides, there are also many collections from before the revolution, including the war of people. Cuban people are against Spain too. In particular, the antiques here are also annotated in English, making it easy to find out their information. In general, this revolutionary museum in Cuba will be an interesting stop for history lovers. In another corner, inside the museum, there is also a mirror hall with a unique design, similar to the mirror hall of the magnificent Palace of Versailles in France. You can choose from beautiful angles for a very interesting virtual life.

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