Experience 5 Bungee Jumping Locations in South Africa

Possessing many attractive destinations with a unique culture, and rich cuisine, South Africa is a country chosen by many people to explore when coming to “Diamond land”. In particular, your trip to South Africa will be more thrilling and thrilling than ever when you experience Bungee jumping a thrilling sport just for those who love adventure. Bungee jumping participants will be tied with protective belts at the legs and hips and slowly plunge into the ground at a dizzying height when the speed of travel is up to hundreds of km / h. Bungee jumping is one of the extreme sports that many young people love and want to conquer. If you are a lover of heights and like thrills, join We Travel Guides in this sport in South Africa.

Revealing 5 Bungee jumping locations in South Africa

Famous for its magnificent scenery and majestic mountains, South Africa is known as one of the destinations that attract many visitors for its outdoor activities. Moreover, the people here are very friendly, open, and hospitable. That has attracted many tourists to come here for special scenes who want to try the thrills of the adventure game of Bungee jumping. Here are 5 cool bungee jumping spots that you won’t miss when coming to South Africa.

Bloukrans Bridge Storms River

The first destination where visitors can experience the sport of Bungee jumping in South Africa is Bloukrans Bridge. Located along the beautiful Garden route, this is one of the most beautiful bungee jumping spots in South Africa and the world. With a height of up to 216m, joining the Bungee jump here will make you chill your spine but bring a feeling of refreshment mixed with fear when performing a risky jump. Therefore, only those with an iron heart, and love for adventure can be brave enough to conquer the towering dance at Bloukrans Bridge. Bungee jumping is operated by Face Adrenalin a member of the South African Tourism Association. They are South Africa’s renowned bungee jump experts and put safety first. Therefore, players will get to experience jumping at a spectacular height in life.

The Bungee Mogale, Krugersdorp

The Kings Kloof Bridge in Krugersdorp in Mogale City is also one of the top bungee jumping spots in South Africa with a height of 50m. Join this game visitors will enjoy the wonderful scenery beside the lush green foliage.

The Orlando Tower in Soweto

Do you have the courage and courage to perform an excellent acrobatic from a height of 100 meters above Orlando Tower in Soweto? This is one of the bungee jumping spots in South Africa with a large number of participants. During the dance, you will see the wonderful scenery of the fascinating and diverse city of Johannesburg.

Cape Town Cable Car, South Africa

Heart-pounding, but also brings refreshment when climbing to the towering position. Then tie the elastic band around the body then let it fall freely down. That is the adventure bungee dance that many sports enthusiasts want to conquer. And to enjoy the beautiful and majestic natural scenery of South Africa Table Mountain, Cape Town cable car is the place you should conquer.

The Gouristz Bridge in Gouritz

Located on the cold swirling waters of the Gouritz River with an altitude of 65m, the Gouritz Bridge has become a Bungee jumping spot that attracts many tourists who are passionate about and love this extreme sport. The Bungee jump on Grouritz Bridge will help you enjoy the refreshment, screams, and fears with spectacular acrobatics.

Reservations: You will get a few dollars discount if you book in advance and will guarantee your dance time. Because usually during the high season, the number of people participating in bungee jumping is quite crowded.

Dress properly: When participating in the Bungee jumping game, you should wear long pants, boots, and a shirt to keep your body warm. Because in the process of jumping down at a high speed, you will feel your spine growing thorny.

Achieve your best jump results: Do your best to jump higher and farther instead of letting go of free fall.
Smile in front of the camera: Make sure to smile brightly in front of the camera to capture the beautiful moments when participating in the bungge jump. Remember to maintain the spirit of comfort, and less stress to own the best photos.

Plan your travels and enjoy your entertainment: Once you’ve done that breathtaking jump, now treat yourself to an abundance of discoveries with beautiful destinations in South Africa and enjoy Delicious food here.

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