Exercises in South Africa's Cape Town

Get lost in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
No trip to Cape Town is complete without a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Internationally renowned for the beauty and diversity of its Cape Flora, it is set against the enduring monument of Table Mountain. Stretching over a massive land area of over five hundred hectares, there are guide tours available, for travelers who want to learn more about the indigenous plant species. Great for budding photographers or nature lovers, some of the highlights include the Fragrance Garden, which is an olfactory treat; and the Protea Garden, beautiful in winter and spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

Take a walk through the Langa Township
Langa translates to ‘sun’, and this township, the oldest in South Africa a valuable and meaningful experience for travelers who want to see the complete culture of Cape Town. There are many guided tours available, and travelers will get to see how the majority of the local population is living, as well as experience their vitality and spirit. Informative and insightful, many of the walking tours tell the history of the township, and with it, the enduring culture of the locals and their way of life. Highlights include sharing a beer with locals at a traditional shebeen and watching some vibrant gumboot dancing.

Market shopping
If you’re a shopaholic and can’t go anywhere without bringing a little piece of that place home, you should check out Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock on Saturdays where you can find local delicacies and lots of accessories. Alternatively, if you are into local craftsmanship and culture, Greenmarket Square is a good option to go to. As one of the oldest public squares in South Africa, the market here sells handmade local trinkets which make for some fantastic souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Surfing at Muizenberg
Muizenberg is a colorful coastal area in the suburbs of Cape Town that beach-goers and sun-seekers should check out. Stretched 20km along False Bay, Muizenberg has a very nice long sandy beach for those of you looking for a relaxing afternoon to splash around in the cooling waters or simply bask in the sun. Besides surfing, shark-watching is also a popular activity that nature-loving visitors visit the coast of Muizenberg for. If you’re in Cape Town and have a couple of days to spare, don’t forget to try your luck at spotting one of the White Sharks around here!

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