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When out and about in the car with children how is your child’s travel safety? Now, I’m not talking about children wearing seat belts or appropriate car seats that are fitted properly, as it would go without saying that these are your two main child travel safety devices. Other things like child security locks, emergency supplies (food, toys, change of clothes, etc.), not leaving young children alone in the car as you gather last-minute supplies and the list goes on for the extremely cautious amongst us.

However, to complete your child’s travel safety, purchasing the 4 Mums Comfort care Lit-Up Car sign is vital for preventing an accident on the road. “What is the 4mumz Comfort care Lit-up Car sign?” I hear you ask, it certainly is a mouthful, but “Is it really necessary in my child’s travel safety plans?” A resounding ” Yes!” to that question. The 4 Mums Comfort care Lit-up sign is a device that attaches to your car’s windscreen, displaying different colors with the words, ‘Baby on Board’.

With the hazardous weather conditions we are sometimes forced to travel in, fog, sleet, snow, torrential rain, if your car is rammed from behind or head on for that matter, your precious little one could be gone and so could you if you don’t have a neon sign saying “Baby on Board”. I know people should take more care, especially when driving in poor weather conditions and I know drivers should be especially careful when children are spotted in the vehicle in front, for example. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and so your child’s travel safety plans go to pot, hence the Comfort care Lit-up car sign.

Statistics show that more accidents happen in poor weather conditions than at any other time and a lot of them can be prevented if people added the Comfort care Lit-up Car sign to their child travel safety list. Even if your child is no longer a baby, I would recommend it, especially for people traveling with young children as it is also a known fact that other drivers do notice ‘Baby on Board’ signs, especially if it’s flashing lights. I am mum to four children ranging from 4 to 15 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it when just carrying my 15-year-old!

You can get the products (it’s also got the Smiley backpack) to order online from the Love Nurture products & services page and sleep easy knowing that the next time you or family members are carrying your precious children that they would have the child travel safety down to a fine art.

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