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With the American dollar, you can still see exotic locales, stay in extravagant hotels and eat all the area’s finest foods, but you have to choose your destination carefully. Even former locations that were once the haven for budget travelers now can hardly be considered cheap travel destinations. But there is a growing crop of places that can still easily fit into your budget.

This, of course, all depends on where you are traveling from. If you want to stay inside the United States and live on the west coast, a few travel arrangements are cheaper than in Las Vegas. The combination of hotel and airfare is usually less than $500, New Year’s and Christmas holidays notwithstanding. How expensive it gets once you land, though, is up to you. The key to finding discount travel destinations in the United States, though, is to stay away from tourist-driven cities like New York City or Chicago. The southern states still offer many bargains, as does the dusty plains of Arizona and New Mexico.

Eastern Europe was once the premier spot to travel on a budget. After the fall of communism, the former Soviet countries opened their walls to tourists of all kinds. Those wishing to see the lush rainforests and fertile plains of South America will find several discount travel destinations waiting for them. Ecuador and Bolivia offer the most for budget travelers even in the major cities, you will be shocked to see how cheap you can live.

Though the continent contains most of the world’s poorest countries, Africa is not usually a cheap place to visit. From traditionally high airfare to travel insurance to several other variables, African countries can make for surprisingly expensive vacations. Northern countries like exotic Morocco or laid-back Tunisia are the continent’s best options as far as discount travel destinations go, and are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Nearby Turkey has long been one of the cheapest travel destinations for Europeans and Americans alike and has fallen prey to a common misconception that the words “Middle East” is synonymous with social unrest. Turkey is just as safe as most common travel destinations and is a fascinating trip as you see where Europe and the Islam world collide.

The cheapest, though, is Southeast Asia. Nowhere will your dollar stretch further than in popular tourist destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Vietnam is another country that suffers from bad associations with its past, but the current country is often cited as one of the best travel destinations on the globe. The roads in Bangkok and Phuket have long been popular with foreigners, and have remained surprisingly affordable. Laos and Malaysia are the up-and-comers to the tourist game in Southeast Asia, but they will likely be cheap travel destinations for years to come.

No matter what part of the world you want to see, there will be a way to save enough to enjoy the location to its fullest. Make sure that financial problems are the least of your concerns and travel to the diminishing number of cheap places the world has to offer while you still can.

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