Healthy Farmers Market

Best Choices for a Naturally Healthy Farmers Market

It’s early morning on farmers market day and the midst is still hovering above the grass. You’re off to take advantage of all the mouth-watering offerings the local farmers have just harvested. Taking in all the hustle and bustle of an open-air market is indeed a part of the lure and popularity of these weekly gatherings but another big attraction for many is community-supported agriculture or CSA.

I know that it makes a tremendous difference to know where the food I eat comes from. I’ve seen some dreadful conditions that conventional poultry and livestock endure.

I want to know that the food I choose to eat is at the height of its flavor and nutritional content. I also want to help support the small local farmer who depends on community-supported agriculture or CSA to survive.
In the last few years, farmers’ markets have grown substantially. They’re our integral farm/urban link which meets our needs as an important sales outlet for absolutely delicious fresh food straight from the farm.

So not only are you getting the best food money can buy, but you’re also helping local family farmers to continue to do what they do best; grow fantastic food and plants.

Do you sense a desire to get involved?

There are a number of ways to get involved besides the traditional farmer’s market.

You can support your local farmer by patronizing their farm stand.

U-pick is wonderful too because you have the best local offerings while also being a fantastic family activity. Summer just wouldn’t be summer without an outing to pick fresh strawberries and blueberries. You’ll also take home wonderful family memories!

Food coops are a great way to team up with like-minded individuals. Not only are you getting quality products at highly competitive prices, but you also have a greater opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience of wholesome choices. Coop responsibilities vary from coop to coop but usually involve participation of some degree to allow for smooth operations from packing to distribution. Many hands make the workload light.

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