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New York is an amazing place to visit with gorgeous skyscrapers, world-class museums, and incredible restaurants. New York City is also one of the major fashion capitals of the world and a major shopping destination. Shopping in New York City is a dream. Sure you looking to shop in New York, then you’ll need to first define your budget. Will you be spending your dollars on Fifth Avenue? Or looking for bargain finds in many of New York’s discount department stores? New York has a slew of shopping havens that are sure to fulfill any of your shopping fantasies. Here are the top 10 shopping destinations if you’re in New York City.

The biggest Macy’s in the world

The biggest Macy’s in the world is located in the middle of Manhattan and is hard to miss. Miracle on 34th Street and countless films have featured this iconic department store where shoppers can get anything they need at reasonable prices. If you’re visiting New York City in the winter, Macy’s is usually magnificently decorated and is a site in itself.

If you’re in Times Square, you may have noticed the huge Toys R Us. It’s the biggest one in the world and has levels upon levels of toys and games. It’s so big that it even features a Ferris wheel. Kids and adults alike will love this store that sells every toy imaginable. If you’re a toy-lover also be sure to visit F.A.O Schwartz. This iconic toy store featured in numerous films offers an upscale toy shopping experience and is undoubtedly New York City’s most famous toy store. If you’re a bargain shopper, then you need to visit New York’s Century 21 to get amazing deals on designer brands. This store sits right across from Ground Zero and offers really good prices for designer shoes, clothes, and accessories. Just be ready to face the crowds.

Conway’s on W 34th Street

Another bargain shoppers’ dream store is Conway’s located on W 34th Street. Just don’t expect to be flipping through racks of clothing. Here digging through bins of clothes is the way to buy. You will find bargain deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, and even household items for dirt cheap. It’s not atypical to find a pair of heels for $3, a shirt for $4, and a dress for $10. It’s a great place for travelers to get hats and gloves if it’s colder than they expected, or any other basics they may need while traveling like basic t-shirts, socks, tights, and underwear.

Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue

Nothing says New York luxury more than Tiffany & Co located on Fifth Avenue. This store is the epitome of class and has amazing white gold jewelry and six-carat diamond engagement rings to prove it. Anything you buy here comes in a signature blue box with white ribbons. This store, which is the store headquarters for the luxury brand is a must-see for anyone visiting New York.

Greenmarket at Union Square

Looking for a great outdoor shopping experience? Head to the Greenmarket at Union Square. Most of the food sold here is homegrown and organic, and as a bonus, visitors will get to meet the actual harvesters, farmers, and bakers behind the sumptuous fare. For the typical New York shopping experience, head over to the chic SoHo district and drink in the amazing fashions adorning the boutiques of the cobblestone streets. There is a mix of the commercial with stores such as J. Crew, Pottery Barn, and Sephora, but also great little specialty shops that offer one-of-a-kind designer fashions and works of art.

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