Protecting Yourself With Australian Travel Insurance

Australian Travel Insurance

No one plans a trip expecting it to go anything other than according to plan, but the unfortunate truth is that sometimes problems can and do arise. For a small percentage of Australians, these problems can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. The simple fact is that there are inherent risks involved with travel – severe accidents or illnesses are real possibilities, and the safest bet is to take out Australian travel insurance before ever departing on your trip. For those looking for more information, the Australian Government smart traveler website provides travel bulletins, tips, and advice.

Health Insurance

There are many benefits to consider when evaluating Australian Travel Insurance, as is the case when considering travel insurance more generally. Even if you’re traveling domestically within Australia, travel insurance can offset a range of costs, including lost or damaged luggage. Having travel insurance when traveling to another part of the world is similarly important as medical costs for treatment and medication will vary and not necessarily be covered by private health insurance or Medicare.

Cancellation Fees

Another great benefit to having travel insurance is when you need to cancel your trip for a personal emergency or poor weather conditions. Since many tourist agencies and airlines charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your trip, having Australian travel insurance may potentially mean reimbursement (subject, of course, to the policy wording).

Medical Cover

Medical coverage will typically include emergency assistance, hospital and doctor’s expenses, and medication. Medical coverage may also include repatriation home to Australia in certain circumstances. Existing health and medical conditions are invariably not covered, so be sure to carefully read your policy before purchasing it to determine what will be covered and what will not.

Sustained Illness or Injury

If you’re injured during your vacation and are unable to return to work because of this injury once you return home, you may be covered under your travel insurance policy. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may receive a disability payment that can help pay for immediate expenses. These payments can provide additional help as you recover from a loss of income. If you’re involved in any legal situations while on vacation, travel insurance can help pay for legal representation or some of the costs included in a legal settlement as well.

Australian Providers

There are a number of providers who offer cover for Australians. These include – but are not limited to – Cover-More, Toursafe Travel Insurance, Aussie Travel Cover, and Worldcare. Australian travel insurance can cover much more than lost luggage or emergency medical expenses. With travel insurance, you will be able to travel safely without having to worry about unforeseen expenses. Regardless of whether you plan to travel one time this year or ten times, travel insurance can help make your trip more enjoyable.

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