6 Best Christmas Lights in Toronto

Toronto is a great city to feel the Christmas spirit, and to add it has some of the 6 Best Christmas lights in Toronto. Plus it has plenty of events, markets, and best of all snow! Coming from Australia say what you want but the cold air, snow falling from the sky and a blanket of white is what takes the Christmas experience to a whole new level. A great way to experience Christmas in Toronto is to check out the various light shows and markets the city puts on each year. Top Christmas lights in Toronto

Distillery District

Number 1 on the 6 Best Christmas Lights in Toronto List is the Distillery District markets. This will feel like your European markets, situated in an old distillery the cobbled stone walkways and industrial charm create a stunning atmosphere. But be warned being the most famous picturesque of the markets means CROWDS! I suggest going on weekdays between 12 – 5 (before people come from work). You’ll be able to really enjoy the space and not have to queue up for ages. The market consists of some beautiful decorations, plenty of food and beverage outlets and some shopping too

Casa Loma

Number 2 on the 6 Best Christmas lights in Toronto, is the iconic Casa Loma. Casa Loma a heritage estate built in the 1900s but one of Toronto’s most famous entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever played Cludo, well this is the real deal. A sprawling house with tunnels, beautiful rooms and stunning gardens. And guess what during Christmas they really deck the place out! There are two experiences here both with separate tickets.

Northern Lights TO

This one is a new one for Toronto, based in the exhibition centre on Lakeshore. More to come soon

Richmond Hill Drive Through

This is a great one for the family. And makes the 6 Best Christmas Lights in Toronto list for the following reasons. They’ve created a stunning lights display in the commuter parking lot near Richmond Hill. The best thing about the experience you stay in your car the whole way through. So if you’re a little afraid of braving the cold this is the one for you. And it’s very affordable too you just pay for the car ~ $20 and the whole family can enjoy it. It is about a 40min drive from downtown Toronto

CN Christmas Train

This one is a little bit of a secret one. The Canadian National train service each year decks out a train from head to toe and takes it on a road trip around the country. There are a few stops in Toronto as well. It’s great fun, Christmas carols are sung and it’s a blast. Be warned again like a lot of these experiences it can get busy so try and take public transport and get in a little early.

Toronto Eaton Centre

Number 6 on the list of top lights in Toronto is the Eaton Centre. The eating centre at certain times every day has a light and snow show within the main shopping centre.

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